Ice Cream Drinks in Durand WI

Durand’s Classic Club TEN Twist: Boozy Shakes & Ice Cream Delights!

Looking for a refreshing escape, even on a chilly Durand evening? At Club TEN, we offer a touch of nostalgia with a boozy twist on classic ice cream treats – a perfect nod to the old Club TEN supper club style!

ice cream drink Durand wi

Indulge in Year-Round Delights

Forget the seasonal limitations! We offer a selection of ice cream drinks perfect for any mood, all year long. Craving a creamy classic? Our hand-blended milkshakes come in timeless flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. They’re the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth or reminisce about childhood summers.

Feeling Adventurous? Go Boozy!

For those seeking a more grown-up indulgence, explore our selection of classic ice cream cocktails. Transport yourself back to a bygone era with a Grasshopper, a delightful blend of minty creme de menthe, white chocolate liqueur, and creamy ice cream. Feeling sophisticated? Opt for a Brandy Alexander, a luxurious combination of brandy, crème de cacao, and vanilla ice cream. And for a playful twist, try our Pink Squirrel, a vibrant concoction of strawberry ice cream, gin, and grenadine.

A Bar & Grill with a Sweet Side

So next time you’re in Durand, WI, and looking for something unique at your favorite bar and grill, step into Club TEN and explore our ice cream creations! Whether you crave a classic milkshake or a boozy blast from the past, we have the perfect treat to indulge your sweet tooth.