• Phone7156725681
  • AddressW4570 Highway 10
  • Open Hours3-10 Monday-Thursday, 11-11 Friday & Saturday, 11-8 Sunday
  • Phone7156725681
  • AddressW4570 Highway 10
  • Open Hours3-10 Monday-Thursday, 11-11 Friday & Saturday, 11-8 Sunday

1st Annual Club TEN Open

1st Annual Club TEN Open Game Play and Rules

The Club TEN Open will be a 1vs1 match play tournament.  Every participant will be guaranteed at least 27 holes of golf and a free beverage for each match play round they play in.  This tournament is meant to be fun.  There will be prize money to be won, but having a good time and getting your swing ready for the nice weather is the focus.  We hope there will be a gallery in the Simulator room to watch the matches as the tournament moves toward crowning the first champions of the Club TEN Open.  To qualify for the tournament, a person must pay their entry fee, of $50, and golf 18 holes to seed them into one of two match play brackets, a Majors and a Minors bracket. 

There will be a two week window, February 23rd-March 15th, in which anyone can play the designated course under the designated rules.  From there, the top 32 individuals will be seeded according to their score in either the majors or minors bracket.  The best 16 scores will play in the Majors tourney, the next best 16 scores will play in the minors tourney.  Match play matches will start at 4pm on Friday and go through Sunday afternoon where the 3rd place and Championship matches will be played (just like a normal golf tournament).  Each match will be a 9 hole match.  If someone is way up on holes, the rest of the unplayed holes may be conceded.  If there is a tie, the next hole on the course will be played until a player wins a hole.

Prize Payouts:

Majors Tournament: 1st – $250, 2nd – $150, 3rd – $100

Minors Tournament: 1st- $125, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $75

What courses will be played?

The 9 holes being played will be randomly drawn right before each match.  They will be the different courses, front 9 and back 9 will be separate. 


  1. All hits must occur in the hitting area/sensor zone.  All putts will be taken from 1 foot in front of the hitting area/sensor zone.  Doing this will give the simulator the most accurate read of what your ball is supposed to do.
  2. No mulligans.  If your ball is unplayable, the Drop Ball choice must be selected.  This option will place your ball at the last point in which it was in play and add a stroke. Sometimes that point is far down the fairway, sometimes it is right in front of your last hit. 
  3. If the simulator does not track your ball, it is simply a re-hit.  This does rarely happen.  If the ball is placed in the correct area while the simulator is ready for you to hit, it should never happen.
  4. Remember that a simulator is a projected estimate of what it thinks your ball should do.  Over 400 pictures are taken in the time your club head goes through the hitting zone.  It gathers all of the information, and projects what your golf ball should do.  It has been proven to be very accurate, but remember it is just a projection of your ball flight.  Everyone is playing with the same cameras and the same state of the art equipment.
  5. 1 hour and 15 minutes will be allotted between each match.  1 hour for the golf, 15 minutes to transition and for the next 2 golfers to take a few swings before they start play.
  6. Everyone is welcome to participate.  Must be at least 16 years old.  All men will play from the white tees.  All women from the red tees.

Call to Reserve your spot and schedule your preliminary 18 hole pre-qualifying round. 715-672-5681